Strong Beer Festival 2020

20th anniversary of the Strong Beer Fest this time around. Anna and I started the day with some Waffle House and boozy Rockstars.

We did it right. Managed to take advantage of VIP tickets by getting fanny packs full of snacks, and making sure to eat a few hotdogs before leaving.

After the festival, we bought ourselves presents at the pawn shop. Then we fit in a trip to the TT Roadhouse after party.

Thieves Market Day

Having fun today checking out the Thieves Market in the parking lot of Big Surf. Anna ran with it and invited a bunch of friends. Glad Craig showed up, felt outnumbered by women and children. It’s basically an Anna day, I’m just going with the flow.

After the market, we hit up Social Hall & 414 bar. Things got a little fuzzy after that, maybe Joe’s Crab Shack before heading home? Yeah, that sounds right. Loves me some of those Great Balls.


Hunters of Avalon Kickstarter Launch Party at Sidebar

Stopped by Todd’s Kickstarter ( party at Sidebar after work. Had a couple delicious cocktails, but left before things got weird. Anna and I don’t party in the avenues.

Afterwards, we ended up at The Yard Cigar Bar. Just another Friday. ?

Fire Titties


PoGo Day

Piplup everywhere on Mill. Anna and I had a ton of fun despite my drinking habits. I remember catching at least three shiny piplups. I DON’T remember meeting Phoenix Superman. I can’t be drinking like that, not good for me.