Thanksgiving 2020

Listen, 2020 has been a bit shitty, but we made the most of it. We like to start off at O’Kelley’s. Ran into to Kim and Paige too!

Maddie stopped by and helped out.

Tricycle Races at Boulders

There’s not a lot going on right now. But Anna and I are finding the fun stuff where we can.

Another terrible selfie

Boulders on Broadway set up a tricycle track through the bar. I wasn’t brave enough to give it a spin, but Anna sure was.

The start line

The best part was a ramp and turn that caused most people to spin out.

Mid spin out

Site Migration

Just finishing moving my site. Took some doing, but I think it’ll work out well for now. Next step is merging all my other random sites to this one. It’ll take some time. Good thing I’ve got plenty of that.

Hello World

Yup, it’s the overused and obligatory first post. Mostly I want to see how it renders on this theme. We’ll see.

Trying to connect through, having a trouble with that. We’ll give the new certificate time to propagate, that might be the issue.

I’m really trying to get this all set up through the mobile app and Jetpack.

Well, the cert they gave me wasn’t complete. Re-download a complete one and added to my hosting. Everything is working now.

PoGo Day

Piplup everywhere on Mill. Anna and I had a ton of fun despite my drinking habits. I remember catching at least three shiny piplups. I DON’T remember meeting Phoenix Superman. I can’t be drinking like that, not good for me.